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Discover refreshing nicotine pleasure 100% tobacco-free.

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Nicotine experience in four easy steps

Place the Nicotine Pouch comfortably on the inside of your upper or lower lip slightly, positioned discreetly to the left or right.

The tingling sensation in your mouth will last about 15 minutes.

A fresh nicotine experience – for up to one hour. Anytime, anywhere.

Deposit in a trash can or in the handy compartment in the lid of the can.


Nordic Spirit.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Discover the Nordic way to enjoy nicotine. Ideal for indoors, outdoors, in social settings and when traveling. The full nicotine experience, 100% tobacco-free.

Made from a blend of plant fibers, flavors and nicotine, the small Nicotine Pouch fits neatly and discreetly under your lip. Laugh, talk and even sing while you enjoy a fresh nicotine experience that lasts up to an hour.

With 20 Nicotine Pouches in a handy pocket-sized can, enjoy Nordic Spirit whenever and wherever you want.