Nordic Spirit 15 Can Bundle
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Select 3 x 5 cans of your choice from the entire Nordic Spirit range and save 18% compared to a single purchase.

  • Soft, white pouch made from plant fibers
  • Strength: Regular/Strong/Extra Strong
  • Nicotine: 9/14/17 mg/g
  • Format: Mini/Slim Pouch
  • Quantity: 300 nicotine pouches (20 per can)

Available in:

Smooth Mint: Tingling peppermint and tasty licorice give you a fresh taste experience.

Spearmint Intense: A boost of fresh spearmint with sweet undertones for a calming and uplifting freshness experience.

Berry Citrus: Fragrant citrus fruits combine perfectly to create a sweet flavor with soft notes of wild berry.

Elderflower: Wild elderflower and sun-ripened citrus fruits provide a taste of summer.

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