Our Story

It all began in Sweden in 1637 – the first mention of “snus” in a customs document. In the late 18th Century, ever more Swedes enjoy a snus behind the lip. Since then, there have been many variants of the snus, which are well embedded in Nordic culture.

Nordic Spirit was founded in 2018. Our aim was the production of a modern all-white product for lovers of nicotine. Since then, production and development of this Swedish cult product has been underway at the historic Vårgårda Mill a few kilometers northeast of Gothenburg – always under the highest of standards.

Our Story
Discover the unseen

Nordic Spirit.
Discover the unseen.

Made from a mixture of vegetable fibers, fragrances and nicotine, the small Nicotine Pouch fits neatly and discreetly under your lip. Laugh, talk and even sing while enjoying a fresh nicotine experience. And all for up to 60 minutes.

With the two different pouch sizes Mini and Slim, both beginners and experienced consumers can always find the right level of enjoyment.

Enjoy Nordic Spirit whenever and wherever you want with the practical pocket-sized cans of 20 nicotine pouches, with convenient dual lids for used pouches when you’re on the move.

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